Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Pop-Up Camper -Day-0


  We are going to South Dakota for a week. Last time we did that it was in a tent. Back hurt for weeks afterwards. I decided that we should invest in a pop up camper for all of our trips this year. Pop-up camper will get me  off the ground, place to be when it rains.  Now to sell this idea to my male counter part. He thinks a tent is just fine. So I stuck a deal with him. Camper for me in a certain budget.  He can have boat or a 4-wheel.  With that I scoured the Internet for a popup that would fit our family, in good shape and budget. Found one for sale on a Facebook swap page.  It was *slightly* over the budget.  I worked my magic on the owners, got them to come down $400. I was delighted!

Picking up the "new to us" pop-up camper tomorrow!
Plus side
Bought in Budget
Stove top
Light weight

Down side
It is smaller then what we want it.
Lacks storage
It is blue.. 90s country blue